Wednesday February 21, 2018
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Six-part documentary ...

... analyzing Milwaukee Conservative talk radio as a microcosm of the genre’s impact on American politics, media and culture.

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Part 6
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Ears, Hearts, Minds, and Wallets

"Stay tuned. More hateful, racist, homophobic, sexist misinformation and lies straight ahead!" What kind of person would listen to such a thing? Evidently, fans of Conservative talk radio, according to critics.

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Indeed demographic information identifies the Conservative talk radio audience as mostly white, middle-aged, suburban and male (and we all know how they are.) A slightly closer look at that information reveals that they are also highly educated, well-compensated homeowners who seek and consume more news and information than the average citizen; donate their time, money and blood far more generously than self-described Liberals; are far more civically literate and engaged than most and are pretty much a sure bet to vote. By some standards, model citizens.

All told, it seems unlikely this demographic is sufficiently gullible to accept the wanton fabrications of bigoted shock jocks. Nor does it seem plausible they would have the inclination to invest their time listening to "hateful, racist misinformation." What is it, then, that compels them to tune in, call in, and buy in to Conservative talk radio?

Could it be they are concerned citizens who sincerely believe that the principles of limited government, free market economics, individual liberty, a strong national defense and traditional American values are what are best for their country, their communities, and their families?

And if so, what does it indicate about the state of American society today that so many in our government, media, academia, faith communities and cultural circles discount the political speech of these citizens as, at best, irrelevant and, at worst, deserving of government suppression?

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